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Uno Game To begin with, if you want to play Uno game, you would better read Uno rules to understand how to play. The aim of this game is to get 500 points as the first player. So you have to clear all the cards in your hand before your rivals do. Number of Uno cards in your rivals' hand will specify the points you will earn. You will start the game after the dealer is determined. At this moment, each player picks a card and the one that has the card the the highest number becomes the one that deals. Each player is given seven cards after the cards are shuffled. The rest of the cards are put face down to form the draw pile. The card at the top on this deck is turned over to determine beginning of the discard pile. If the card drawn isn't an action card, then the player which is on the left of the designated dealer is the first one to start the game. When the turn of the player comes, what he should do is to match the top most card in the discard pile. These matches can be based on symbol, color or number. For instance, if the card is a blue seven, then the player can put down a blue card or any color seven. Besides, the player is allowed to put down a wild card. In both of the Uno game and Uno game 2, the player is allowed to take one card from the draw pile, if there are no matching cards in their property. If the drawn card is playable; then the player can play. When the turn ends, the game continues in a clockwise way, if the picked card can't be played. If the player doesn't want to play with the card in his hand, then he can draw a card from the draw pile. He can put the card down in the same turn but he can't put down a card in the hand he holds after taking a draw from the draw pile.

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